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Try out the Pre-Public Membership before you buy it and see for yourself if the Pre-Public Membership works for you. (Important details below.)

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  • 20% off semis without email subscription
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*purchased monthly at $18 or annually at $180 – Save $36 with the annual subscription!

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Get the first TWO WEEKS for FREE!

PLUS… for a limited time… Get the Blog Success Planner with your free trial. That’s a $49 blogging planner for FREE!

FREE Blog Success Planner!

Designed with strategic worksheets for planning, creating, and implementing a profitable blogging business, the Blog Success Planner is the best planner for the professional blogger who is resolved to increasing blog traffic and income.

Much more than any other blogging planner available, the Blog Success Planner is a step-by-step workbook including UNDATED pages for every aspect of organizing and implementing a detailed business plan.

The Blog Success Planner includes an undated calendar so you can start planning right away and use it year after year!

  • Business Planning

    Includes the quintessential components of any planner as well as pages to help you define your blog’s purpose and business goals.

  • Social Media Strategy

    Abandon your random social media habits and plan your status updates with strategic purpose.

  • Content Planning

    Build a cohesive plan for your blog content with SEO worksheets and editorial calendar pages, and check your progress with the Annual Review.

  • Growth Planning

    Build your authority by creating new products, networking with other bloggers, reaching the media, and continuing your education.

  • Income Tracking

    Know how much money you are making by creating a financial plan and working your sponsor and affiliate relationships to grow your revenue.

  • Printable Accessories

    Organize your Blog Success Planner with sectional dividers and tabs as well as colorful stickers you can print and cut.

Inside the Blog Success Planner are pages for:

And, did we mention it’s EDITable?

The digital Blog Success Planner allows you to click and enter your text. Then, print your pages and add them to your own planning system or a large binder. Plus, when you purchase the digital edition, you have access to both a full-color format and a minimalistic format that is cheaper to print.

Flexible monthly or annual payments

Try out the Pre-Public Membership before you buy it and see for yourself if the Pre-Public Membership works for you.
Choose to be billed monthly or annually.

Pre-Public Club benefits:

  • Purchase from new content before the content is public.
Content will be published to a private Facebook group on Sundays at 3PM Central and can be purchased through the group before it is made public on the website. (Exclusive Content Club still gets first pick after pre-order buyers. Content will be published to the website on Mondays.)
  • 20% off semis without email subscription.

Save 20% off semi-exclusive comment with no coupon necessary when purchasing through the Facebook group. A 20% off discount code will be posted monthly just in case you ever need to make a purchase from the website after an item is public.

  • Pre-order list access.
Only Exclusive Content Club and Pre-Public Members will have access to the preorder list where your selections decide what is created.
  • Personal invoicing.
Purchasing will be available inside the Facebook group through Paypal invoicing.
  • Organized Google Drive delivery.
Each Pre-Public Club member will have their own folder inside Google Drive where your content will be added upon purchase to help you stay organized.
  • Affordable pricing.
Choose whether you pay on a monthly basis or annually. If you purchase just two semi-exclusive recipes a month, your membership pays for itself and you will still be saving $8 a month. 


Upon purchasing, download the PDF and click the link provided to join the Facebook group. Once your membership is verified, you will be added.

Just set a reminder to cancel prior to the end of the two week trial and decide if the Pre-Public Membership works for you. If it isn’t what you need, cancel with no questions asked. You will be removed from the Facebook group and can continue making purchases through the website.

If you love it, do nothing and you will be automatically billed for the membership fee. You will receive personalized invoicing and delivery. Easy peasy.

Please note, there will be no refunds for memberships so be sure to set a reminder.

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